Electronic Gadgets


    Even though porters carry your food, tent and other equipment, but still there some items that you need to carry in your daypack which are essential for your smooth trail to Kilimanjaro like your electronic gadgets, because if don’t carry your equipments, then you might not find there replacement on your way to summit. So, it is best to pack your own set of essential electronics gadgets. Here are lists of electronic gadgets essential for your Kilimanjaro trek:

    Mobile Phone

    Mobile phone is not just a electronic gadgets but in recent years it has become a person’s world as it only helps to connect with our near and dear ones but also store our data, surf net and also stay connected with the digital world. So, while trekking also if you need to update your friends and family about your progress then you can just update them through your phone.


    As everyone knows that a pictures speaks thousands of words. And with the panoramic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, you don’t want to miss from capturing it. So, don’t forget to pack it in your kit.

    Power Bank

    Power Bank is essential as it helps to charge your phones and camera batteries as these run out quickly on high altitudes. It is also recommended to carry solar charged power banks, so that it can be recharged by solar power.

    Music player

    You can carry a mini MP3 player or iPod with you to keep you entertain on your trek you might get bored and listening to music also helps to relax and feel motivated.